Lithuanian and foreign companies contact UAB “Nostrum” asking to recruit employees in certain fields. The occupations range from lorry drivers, chambermaids, chefs and pizza makers to construction managers or builders. Our company has representative offices in Ukraine and Belarus, and they search for workers in their countries. A customer lists the competences to be met by the recruited employee. A potential employee is made aware of the working conditions, social security benefits and future earnings.

In practice, however, there are cases where a recruited employee from a so-called Third World country does not live up to the expectations of the Lithuanian company. In such event, we take an integral approach towards the issue to be solved – we try to recruit another employee for the company and embark on a search for a new job for the foreign national, where possible, in a different company part of our partner network. We commit ourselves to live up to both the employer’s and the employee’s expectations. We are delighted that the above case is one of a few. And we are proud that thanks to the competence of our team we are able to recruit employees that meet the customer’s expectations.

UAB “Nostrum” team recruits employees not only for the Lithuanian, but also for foreign companies. We work with partners from Germany, Holland, the Great Britain and other countries. If a foreign company needs an employee in a particular field, we find them in Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus or even Georgia.

Do not hesitate to contact our company and we will take care of employee selection, legal paperwork and other formalities. The only thing you will have to do is assess whether the employee is suitable for your position!

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