Agency services

Do you have a major project and face a shortage of workers? Entrust the entire process or a fraction of it to us!

It is often the case that employing a worker under a permanent contract of employment is not in the employer’s best interests because when the project is complete their services will no longer be necessary. The employer does not always know when they will require the employee’s assistance in the future. WE offer a way out of this situation! We assist in the recruitment of employees even for a single project to be completed. Under the applicable legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, agency workers from third countries are not allowed.

For the purposes of agency work, we only deal with Lithuanian citizens.

What are the benefits of agency work to the employers?

  • The employer pays for the work completed as opposed to the number of hours worked.
  • Generally recruiters from major companies cannot spend their time recruiting additional staff. Hence, we undertake the entire process.
  • Upon telephone contact with us, the employer or the employer’s representative should specify the occupation/qualification/special competencies for the employee to be recruited, the estimated wage/salary for the job and identify the period for the employee to fulfil their duties.
  • We will ensure that the employee recruited by us completes their assignment on time and in a flawless manner.

Our aim is to recruit the most reliable workers even for a single project undertaken by the employer!

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