Administration of job relations

We take care of the workers that we have recruited for the Lithuanian companies on a continuous basis.

How does it happen?

  • Before the employee arrives in the country, we provide them with full information about their employer, working conditions, wages/salaries and other details.
  • We meet and greet the employee and make sure that they are given a ride to their future workplace.
  • We assist them at embassies in matters related to working visas to be obtained.
  • We assist them at Sodra in matters related to the Sodra number to be issued to the employee.
  • We provide advice on a variety of legal and tax issues.
  • We anticipate what issues a foreigner faces after their arrival at their new workplace and we get in the way of it by advising them of their model behaviour in certain situations.
  • Where a conflict arises between the employer and the employee, we responsibly mediate in the search for a mutually acceptable solution.
  • If there has been any damage caused to the employee, we take care of the recovery procedures.

We work with trusted Lithuanian companies which fulfil their undertakings towards their employees and their partners alike in a proper and timely manner.

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